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The Babylonian Ensemble, History

The Babylonian Ensemble began its journey long ago, with Director/teacher Lila Carlson, dancers, Sheila Rodriguez, Jeanne Desutter, Mary Kinsley, Diane Knee with the addition of Saroya Poirier a few months later.

It so happened that Circe and Sian had recently seen some belly dancers while doing their regular weekend gig at Steve's Gay 90's. Sian was smitten and dragged Circe off to classes. Of course Circe, after finding out that belly dancing involved sparkly costumes, was gung-ho too.

As will happen though, the teacher, Sheila Rodriguez that Circe and Sian began classes with decide not teach any longer, selling them to another teacher. That teacher just happened to be Saroya. Circe and Sian having first seen Saroya perform at an afternoon student recital at the Greek Village restaurant they knew she was the one.

It was s ...More

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Babylonian Photos

Here are some pictures of The Babylonian Ensemble from different centuries.

Babylonian News:
March 08
The Babylonian Ensemble were March's Fan of the Month for The RED ELVISES!!!
For a fun tour through our interview, see link page and go to www.fanclub.redelvises.net.
Up in left corner will be a click button for Fan of the Month.

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Bab Olympics - The Show

The Bab Olympics included ReBabs shoes, Bab-O-Vac batteries, and Hekate, as seen in 500,089 BC.

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Saroya Poirier

Saroya Poirier
Dancing since 1971, professionally since 1973
International Dancer performer instructor

Want to learn belly dance?
Or just add to what you already know?
Have fun, laugh, get sweaty?
Learn solo improve, choreography & troupe.
Be ready to start a troupe or join a troupe!
Or even, just do it for fun and exercise!
Then I am the teacher for you.
Come on down I will help you find muscles you didn't know you had.

I teach lots of stuff, almost all that stuff everyone else teaches. It has taken many years to learn it, years to refine it. Basic steps to fancy moves useful in all types/styles of Belly dance.

It is great fun to learn and I love to teach.

Also staging for; Theater, nightclub, fairs and festivals.

Want to have fun and be entertaining for any audience.

Saroya is an experienced nightcl ...More

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